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Where we challenge all students to attain their greatest potential
We are a level B.
We are a level B.
We are a level B.


Lowndes County Schools are committed to the students, families, and communities served. Join us as we build a strong foundation and nurture successful learners.
Our Vision:
Provide a superior educational system that challenges all students to attain their greatest intellectual, social, and personal potential.

News & Announcements

We Are a Level "B." Mission Accomplished!!!

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- It was an evening of celebration at West Lowndes Elementary School on Wednesday. District and school leaders came together to toast and celebrate a big accomplishment. After being a rated a “C” last school year, school leaders made a vow to improve that rating and they did just that, pulling the grade up to a “B.” School leaders said it took a group effort from the teachers, administrators, and students to reach this goal. “Very excited, very excited and proud of our students and our staff, and Lowndes County School District, the support that they gave us,” said Robert Sanders, Principal at West Lowndes Elementary School. “Words can’t really explain it, just like to see kids excel and do well,”. Sanders said now their goal is to improve their rating from a “B” to an “A.”
Mission Accomplished

At a Glance

  • 91.8% Graduation Rate - 2018
  • 87.9% Graduation Rate - 2018
  • 95.6% Graduation Rate - 2018
  • 87.5% Graduation Rate - 2018
  • 89.8% Graduation Rate - 2017
  • 89.9% Graduation Rate - 2017
  • 91.2% Graduation Rate - 2017
  • 82.6% Graduation Rate - 2017
  • 85.1% Graduation Rate - 2016
  • 80.7% Graduation Rate - 2016
  • 88.5%% Graduation Rate - 2016
  • 84.9%% Graduation Rate - 2016
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